Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sweet I'm Scribe XD

Today we got our new assignment it is called ... "What's on the menu?" . Well , in this assignment we are give a couple tasks .

First we have to make it password protected . This part is probably The easiest part . I'm not exactly sure if I can type some code for this assignment so I'm not going to bother . For this part make sure that it is NOT case sensitive . Also make sure that the password is "MENU"

*hint hint * You have to use Ucase()

The second thing I is that We must use 4 different forms .One for the Math marks menu option.

For this option you must allow the user to enter three test marks and the prgram should find the AVERAGE , MEDIAN , and , the last on I forgot . This I find my be a problem when I start it . I thing for this one at home you should plan it out if you don't have Visual Basic just in so you can pass this one without much problems .

The second thing we must do in this assignment is the Easy as MNO ? This one should be the easier than the Test thing because we have done something like this . But this time we must stop the user from putting more than exatly five name in the list boxes . That is pretty easy.

The third is the "The Greeting" menu option . This one require you knowlegde of using the & function also our lesson from yesturday using loops . For information on that read the last post made but Mary Ann not Mr.Malandrakis . O.o For this one we have to make the user type how long their name is and an input box poping up asking for the letters in there name I'm guessing one by one . Then a msgbox saying , "Hello usersname ...". For this one suggest using what Mr.M told us about IsNumeric function . I would explain it but I still don't fully understand it .

Now for the the Introduction you have to make a nice form that will make the user think the program is cool I guess . So you have to make stuff move and use the right colors and make it like awesome .

The final thing is to end the program *cough cough* ( Use end on the select case for the menu . Just Type End there and that part is done ) .

Remember Use lots of menu for almost everything and you will be fine this project should be easy to finish but time consuming . You also have only 3 days to complete this so use your lunch times and Mornings to get this done . I mean waking up at 6:00 to make it to school isn't gonna kill anyone ... At least I hope so X( ... . That is all .

The next scribe I will choose is .. . I dont know maybe Graeme or someone XD


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Great post Michael. Keep up the good work!!

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