Friday, March 17, 2006

Long weekend post!

Hey folks,

Hope you guys had a productive class on Thursday while I was away sick. Just a reminder that "What's on the Menu?" is due next week and from what I saw on Wednesday, people are progressing quite nicely. I have to say that I think that you guys have come a long way since the beginning of the course. The "visual" part of VB is not too hard to learn, the labels, command buttons, list boxes, ...etc. It's the actual programming part that involves the difficult concepts of coding. Things like If-Then statements, For-Loops, Functions are the fundamental building blocks of programming. From what I can see in the past few weeks you guys seem to be grasping most of these basic building blocks.
So overall I just wanted to say that I'm proud of what I'm seeing so far and to keep working hard and stick with it. Programming is an art and you have, and will have more, many little tools to use along with basic fundamentals that you, the artist must decide which tool(s) to use given a task. Just like an artist is master of creating depth, fading, 3-D imaging, sharpness, and other features individually, he or she must use their knowledge about art to decide which one of their "tools" to use for each painting. For those of you who like sports, such as basketball, I played in highschool, here at DMCI and I still play organized basketball all the time. When I have the ball and I want to get past my check, I've got to decide, in a matter of 5 seconds or less, should I drive, make a jumpshot, post-up, fake a shot, pass the ball away or wait for a pick. The concept is still the same. The only difference is I have less than seconds to decide which "tool" is best for the job at hand.
Have a great weekend folks and see you on Monday!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SIck, what do you mean your sick.

thursday class was bad because i almost got notthing done

this guy.

just kidding. u should have rest.
hope u get better

this guy.

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