Monday, March 06, 2006


I am the scribe once again! I will procced to explain what happened today. Today we did nothing much but a TEST! The test was mainly on some basic concepts with the first few pages being exactly multiple choices followed by fill in the blanks with the last page of filling the required criteria.


  1. 1) Written part ^
  2. 2) Programming part

(Prior to the programming part of the test you must hand in your test.)
After you have handed it in then you proceed onto opening the computer screen and start programming filling the required criteria out.

All programming test allows you to have access to class lessons / notes.

My POV: I believe the test was ok, the stuff was based on what we did, so it shouldnt have been that hard but then again the programming part of the test was frustrating, certain aspects of the code did not fall into play and it was pretty time consuming. Maybe Mr.M should give us a clue on what the test will be on to better prepare ourselves?

Meanwhile ... I will stick with pc sci and see what happens. Cited by Mr. M. " It's like learning a new language, give it some time."

As for class lessons maybe Mr. M. should tell us a day ahead prior to the lesson.

That's it for now. The next scribe is Jan because he didnt scribe yet .

Have fun!


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