Saturday, March 04, 2006

Double Scribe

Two days ago, Margaret will suppose to be scribe. She was sick so Mr. Malandrakis asked me to be scribe. But I was too busy. I hope I can make it up by doing the first ever
double scribe. Here I go....

March 2nd

Today, we learned to use a new tool called "Select Case." Select Case it like an IF statement but more organized and used in different occasions.

Here is an example of how to use Select Case.

Select Case expression

Case value1
Block of one or more VB statements
Case value2
Block of one or more VB Statements
Case value3
Block of one or more VB statements

End Select

Another neat function, we learned was how to make menus. The ones you see in Windows programs that say file, edit, etc.
In order to make a menu, you go to tools then menu editor or Ctrl + E. To make an menu, you type a caption and a name. The name must begin with "mnu." To make a sub menu, you click on the -> arrow, then repeat the way to make a menu (all things in inside the menu within the sub menu make have the same name but different caption. To include a sarperator, just use - as your caption. Also, you can disable a menu option by clicking the check box next to the enabled.


Yesterday, we learned to generate random numbers. Random numbers are just for a multide of thing. Example: the movement of a computer in a video game, the machines in casino, etc... The expession for random is rnd. When you use rnd it generates a number between 0 and 1.

Here is an example of one way random numbers are used.

Dim Value as Integer

Value = Value + (Rnd * 6) Generates random value between 1 and 6

I think I am missing somethings. I am sorry for any forgotten information. Oh-ya. I know a lot of people want VB, and that Mr. Malandrakis is trying hard to get a copy for us. I am not sure if I should be saying this and I hope I don't get in trouble, but I was able to retrieve a version of Visual Basic 6.0. But it is not Enterpise Edition like the one we use in school, it is professional. Its exactly the same but with more tools. Maybe, if anyone wants it they can ask me. Though, I am not sure if I could. Well ya. One more thing, I have a suggestion. If Mr. M can make a scribe list. Showing all the previous scribe, so that when it time for the scribe to pick the next person they know who has already scribed.

The next scribe will be...."iNdrew."


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Good job Thang. Keep up the good work.

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