Monday, February 27, 2006

Whoops. The late scribe.

Well, I forgot I had to do this. Whoops. Supposedly this is a really important class. Lucky me!
Well I have short-term memory so I'm probably going to miss something, or get something wrong. Just write a comment to correct me.

Today's Class was about:

First, we were taught that visual basic sorts through strings in alphabetical order. We started of with a new program where we made 2 text boxes. When you enter 2 words, you can "compare" them. With our compare button, we made it so that when you put two words. It can tell you which word is greater than the other. For example, if you entered "apple" and "banana" The program would say something like " Word 2 is greater than Word 1." During this part, we also learned a new code, ElseIf. It was used to continue adding more if statements.

Another thing we did was joining words. When we clicked the button, it is supposed to take the first word you wrote, and the second word you wrote, and put them together into a label. We have the experience to be able to put a variable into message boxes and labels, but we couldn't make it say for example, "Hello "(insert name here) The important thing we learned here is the use of the ampersand, or if you don't know what that is, the "&" symbol. Using the ampersand, you can join strings together. For example the code is "Hello " & (variable). So you can keep adding strings together with the ampersand. You also have to remember to add the correct spaces so that it doesn't look weird.

Alright, another thing we learned is how to find the length of a string. It's used to find out how many letters are inside of the string. It's not a very hard code, it's fairly simple. All you have to do is type Len() with the string you want to find the length to, inside the brackets. What it did was that when we clicked the button, the program would tell you how many letters are in the first word, and how many letters are in the second word. It was all done in one line, so we used the ampersand again.

We also learned about uppercase and lowercase letters. When a person types the 2 words, and presses the lower case button. It's supposed to make whatever they wrote, all lower case. If they click the uppercase button, it will put whatever they wrote in all capitals. All you have to do is use the code
LCase() for lowercase, and UCase() , for uppercase.

We were given a few minutes, to make our DMCI projects password protected. We were supposed to make it so that even if they typed the password in lowercase, it would still be correct.

I think that's about it. It's late, I'm tired.
So the next Scribe is



Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Great post Robeson. Fantastic job summarizing the class. Job well done.


9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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