Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What i think

A week have gone passed in CS and this is the second course that drives me crazy. Number one and will always be number one is math, and now a new subject hads appear in second place and it is COMPUTER SCIENCE. This course is hard because is not like in web design and just put in whatever I want to put in dreamweaver and post it on the web and that it, will done or html 2, 3 pages of html tags to copy of from and put it in the note pad. CS is notthing like that, we have to think about it that we are the master or boss of that computer, and then whatever we want it to do we would just tell the computer and then he will do it unless you have a pink computer then she will do it. We have to also think of what kind of commands to give him or else he wont do it. Before i have this course, i always think that the computer is telling me what to do because like the research we do and the stuff we learn from it we will prabally do it, but really if we think about it we are telling the computer what to do, will just tell it to find us info like "Hey computer go find me some information for my school project" and he will go do it. Any way, lets just continou, i dont think you know what iam talking about anyways, so ya this course is hard. Also that guy Mr.M tell us that we would need to show are works in assinments and tests and i just though that he have a little too much math (crazy), how on earth are we going to show our work for Computer science like game designs? (dont answer it i already know the answer).
I hope that later on in this course I will have a better leadership over the computer.
Good bye for now,

I hope that I will be the last to scribe
I hope that my computer will lisson better
I hope that we get better computer for the CS room
I hope that I will never have to blog for school again
I hope that the final exams is easy

sry for the bad spelling and grammer, it is the computer that was making the errors, not me, no, never me. anything say about the teacher is also made by the computer.



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