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This is the first ever post I've done as a scribe. Well to recap what we did in the last couple of weeks is that we had lessons or I should say INTRODUCTIONS to VISUAL BASIC learning some of the simple codes there is that we can learn. Examples of these introductions are message boxes, input boxes, variables, math & timers, labels, etc. etc. After all that we also were taught how to use a blog, well for others just a review. After all these introductions we worked on our Practice Personal Program (P.P.P.) which took 2-3.5 classes and then worked on our FIRST ASSIGNMENT which is being graded. The P.P.P. is just a program to advertise ourself and what our interests and profiles are about us, and the assignment is an advertisement for DANIEL McINTYRE COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE for the open house next Thursday.

Today's lesson was about FUNCTIONS or PROCEDURES. Before learning about functions, we had a practice program which Mr. Malandrakis had us do. This program wanted us to have an input box show up asking us to insert an integer either positive or negative and a message box popping up indicating the type of number it is. This program was like a "review" for us, but I was practically lost because I mostly forgot some of the codes =/. Oh well.. In the next weeks coming up I'll probably remember most codes for VB. Well the program Mr. M. wanted us to work on first before learning about functions was the actual lesson about functions. What today's lesson on functions was telling us about was that Functions is a way of keeping our codes "organized" so it wouldn't looked so cluttered together, or crunched up like forms with no spaces indicating neatness. The point of the function is to take the block of code and using just a 3 word sentence for example "CheckForPos" will keep it organized in the click event instead of having the code there.. or is it the other way around.. I'm not so sure.. but if you understand what I'm trying to say then give yourself a pat on the back and remind me to bring cookies for you guys all right?? Mr. Malandrakis even said that Functions are not required to be used in the DMCI AD ASSIGNMENT, but it'll be good use for practice, and that it'll be required in the next coming assignments.

After the lesson we were given time to work on our assignment. Just a reminder to you guys that we will have time to work on it half the class after Mr. M teaches us a new lesson. There's also the lunch hours to work on them too. Well my assignment's all plain and simple pretty much. I'm still thinking on how to make it look a lot nicer than it looks now. I've already recapped what the assignment's about so there is no need to write it all again.

As for the VB that GraemeW. showed us on the link he gave us. The Microsoft VB 2005 is pretty much difficult to use than the one we use at school. It's like a complex version of it that I think personally professionals use in their spare time. But I'll probably get the hang of it after I use it a couple of more times.

This concludes my FIRST scribe, and to end it off, I would like to end it with a question.... How do you send your VB assignments/projects/programs to yourself? I tried and it didn't work.

Thank you for reading my POST. It's going to be difficult to find out who the next scribe is.. does it really have to be my choise?? and if it is.. I choose..............

Mary Ann

Scott Soriano thanks you guys for choosing me as the scribe for the weekend. =) I had fun.. Can I be the scribe again??


Blogger Scott said...

just reading all these posts. one caught my eye.. which was jan's.. one of his hopes was to be the last scribe.. well i should've picked him as the scribe.. but the scribe i chose.. i'm not telling you to choose jan.. but just think of it.. if he wants to be the last scribe.. he should've just scribed first.. but oh well.. hope you guys like my post =D!!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...


Great post and some fantastic summaries of the past few days and
Friday's class. I really enjoyed reading it. As for your question, you should be able to simply attach your project and form files to your email to yourself. If you are still having problems, let me know on Monday and we'll work it out. Great job again.


6:30 AM  
Anonymous Some guy said...

not ture, you should pick jan as last scribe because ..............

iam just some guy passing by just let u know.

Some guy.

8:50 AM  
Blogger iNdrew said...

Keep up the great work!

7:35 PM  
Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Oh Scott,

Please don't use your last name anywhere on the post as anyone in the world with internet access can see this blog and you never know! Just FYI.


6:14 AM  

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