Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm sorry if this is kinda late, but better late than never...

This class we did a class lesson. We used fuctions again in this program and constants again. The one thing we learned that was new Modulus. Modulus is a math function. It has something to do with the remainds you may get when you divide. This was used to find whether the number was odd or even. Even numbers have no remainders and odd numbers have a number of one.

Mr. M we should get use to using functions and constants becaues we will be using them in all our future programs

Half way throughout he class we were given an practice program to do with a partner. We are to make a program that simulates a credit card. The balance starts the at $0.00. When you put in a postitive number it adds the to the balance and a negative subtracts from the balance. When the balance gets over $5000.00 a message should appear saying what happened and close the program. This program is suppose to use functions and constansts a lot.

Mr. M told us that the the project woul be easy expect for one part. I didn't get what he said so im sorry about that.
Oh and we only have this half of tomorrows class to finish it.

I'm sorry if i messed anything up or missed anything.

The next scribe is.....



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