Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Well once again scribing... Thought I would get a break for a semester from this... Alright, enough with my ranting, onto the topic of computer science. So today was the last day in class that we had time to work on our practice program. According to Mr. Malandrakis' praise of our programs during the class I think we all did fairly well. So halfway through the class he told us to stop whatever we're doing and pay attention, and our first assignment was assigned.

The program that we have to make is an ad for DMCI. Those teachers are always thinking, why pay a company to make your ads when you got 1000 slaves... I mean students.... at your disposal. I'm just joking... It seems like a fun assignment, lots of FREEDOM to do as you wish. For this assignment you have to make DMCI look as fabulous as humanly possible (not too hard a feat). One of the main points that Mr. Malandrakis stressed was that these programs should be heavily interactive. You always gotta give the person something to do. Something to click, watch play & all that jazz. Another thing is that you have to assume that the person using your program is fairly computer illiterate so that the program will be usable by any and everybody. A couple other tidbits is that you may want to employ a brilliant color scheme and/or use large legible fonts. The layout of all those attributes is completely up to you.

He then continued to give out the rubric for the assigment (well not give it out, you know what I mean.) You get five marks for naming every single little object in your form including your form with a proper name with the proper prefix.
eg. frm, img, tmr etc.
The next tidbit is to make the form organized, not cluttered otherwise that's fairly self explanatory, worth another 5 marks.
Next is neat code. Basically indent your if statements. 3 marks.
Next is variables. You gotta have atleast one in this program. But there should be more. 5 marks.
Then there is commenting.... think that might be the bane of me. YOU MUST COMMENT ON EVERY SINGLE THING THAT MIGHT POSSIBLY NEED EXPLAINING. But several lines of code can be explained by a single comment. Our pages should be flooded with green. This is worth another 5 marks.
Then there is the actual advertising of DMCI. This has to make the school look GOOD. Since that is the main essense of the project it is worth a hefty 10 marks.
After that is the use of all the topics we have covered so far. So use everything that we have in our repitoire of code. Worth 8 marks.
Then there is a couple of marks for the implementing of a game into your program somewhere.
Lastly there is the creativity and originality worth 7 marks. Make it interesting people. You don't want people thinking that DMCI is a boring school.
That all is for a grand total of 50 marks and is due WED, MAR.22 / 06 (end of class). He stressed that this is like any other assignment in any other class and will be marked at the time it is due... no time for some extra tweaking.

On another note... I have found a visual studio thing that is very similar to what we are using. It just looks like an updated version and it's FREE from Microsoft. It seems to need a fairly good computer because mine can't really handle it... but my computer can barely boot up so... It is a 70 something MB download without any extra stuff and with the extra stuff it's about 425 MB.
Unfortunately there is a small hitch... you have to register... It's not that bad a registration the only thing that i was hesitant to give out was my postal code (didn't see why they would need it, so I'm expecting so junk mail from Microsoft.) Well if you want it the site with all the info is and the download is on the right side. So enjoy... use it well...

Lastly I have to say in the words of Mr. Kuropatwa "This room is not your only audience. The WORLD is your audience." Well it went on longer then that but the jist of it was make your posts understandable to every person that will come here and make it look neat and good because your posts are a reflection of yourself and our school online. So if there's any errors in this just tell me and I'll get them fixed. (Oh and one more last thing Mr.Malandrakis is there a way we can make applets out of our code so we can show the code then show what it does for real instead of just telling of what it does?)

The next scribe is.....


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Blogger Paulo said...

hm... great post! by the way

The vb I downloaded has no caption property. I tested it out and i you have to use the text property as the caption property. Is mine the only one like this? Will this affet my projects being sent to school and back?

5:25 PM  
Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...

Fantastic post, and keep up the great work. From what I've seen so far you have the makings of a very gifted programmer. There is a way you can make applets out of your code but we won't get to it until grade 12 when we start using Java. I can show you later on in this course once we dive deeper into some of the more complex topics with VB. Great job again.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Paulo yours is not the only one with that problem.

6:05 PM  
Blogger GraemeW said...

didn't even notice that, i don't know we'll just have to try won't we!

8:09 PM  

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