Wednesday, February 15, 2006

iNdrew reporting for duty!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I am honoured to be the very first scribe for this class (c! So lets' start this out with a bang (hopefully). This will seem boring to read so please bear with me. First we have spent the couple of days working on our projects which is our "personal profile program" (PPP). Our project is due shortly which is tomorrow, but we will have have .5 of the period to complete it, so dont panic. It really isnt due, due. I recommend if you dont posess a copy of visual basic at home to use the lunch period wisely.

Some options you have are:

1) You can go to the room (1) and work on it on your lunch periods so you can stay ahead of the game/ work on it.
2) Another alternative way is that you have Visual basic at home and send the form home and work on there.

The basic characteristics of the "personal profile program" is to take all of the things we learned in class and transform and model a program that is or similar to a profile of you. Today was a easy going class, the class sped and ended so fast that some people lost track of time, but all in all it was a pretty fast class maybe because we had little to no inturruptions and we were putting so much effort and so in to the program. Todays class felt that it was maybe half of the regular period since it went so fast. Anyway...

Mr. Malandrakis was supervising and giving everyone support and detailed hints on what they wanted to do. He almost helped everyone in the class which is great can we give him a thanks ? (Yeap!)

The radio was on in the background which also contributed to the speed of how fast things went, it sets the mood! Music has been proved to help some people work better and digest food better my listening to some sort of music while doing the specific action. Keep that in mind...

Some stuff we learned in the class we should integrate into our project are: Text boxes, labels, command buttons, list boxes, image boxes, picture boxes, input boxes, message boxes, timers.

Properties: Captions, text, tool tip text, visible, stretch, backcolor, if statements end statements, frames, option buttons, using multiple forms.

Basically the program advertises you and should be like your resume. Here is an idea make the program and print it out and use it as your resume :P.

Other info: Mr. Malandrakis also spoke of computer science in the class, he was saying how computer science will be this semester, next semester for grade 11, and the following semester will be grader 12, so by the time your in grade 12 you will be able to get the ap program done and if you get a good gpa on computer science you are elligible to get the university 1 credit done to! that saves alot approximately 500$ just as much as taking me out to a rich cuisine. Which option would you like to chose? That is most obvious :P. That is soon to come some fyi's for people staying in computer science.

So far my project is coming along slowly as i have not plan what to do, making an outline deems useful in many ways so you do not waste time comtemplating and wasting valuable time to think of what to do. A general outline is useful. I almost have finished integrating all the stuff we learned and might leave out some as it might not fit. So far i have included the basic buttons, images, options, labels.

This is a new language to many so remember if you get frustrated with it just go eat some ice creame and make yourself feel better but quitting is not an option it is reserved for those who do not want to learn. Visual basic does get pretty boring and frustrating to those who is going to still take it mad props to you. You're not the first to quit, and you won't be the last. Computer science seems more comprehendable than math!

Drop me a comment to say how boring this post was, i'll be looking forward to them!

Right now im testing other cool stuff on visual basic, can we include some other stuff that we did not learn in class onto the personal profile program?

That is the end of my story, nothing really else to elaborate on so i will conclude this by saying that the next scribe is GraemeW.



Blogger Scott said...

Great post! by the way, who's the next scribe??

3:33 PM  
Blogger iNdrew said...

Heh, try to find out :P.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

ahaha okay.. i'll try to find out.. aha

5:00 PM  
Blogger iNdrew said...

Think hard! It is under your nose.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Mary Ann said...

Is Scott going to be the next Scribe? haha.. Your post is LONG! Though very informative. GOOOOOD JOB.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous MR. CHAW MEIN said...

WOW, man you are soo smart, this post is sooooooo long. i wish i can write like you mr.chau

6:28 PM  
Anonymous MR. CHAW MEIN said...

what i mean is that the content is really good, lets CS

6:29 PM  
Blogger iNdrew said...

Come on guys, you must do this to get that :P.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Mr. Malandrakis said...


This post was amazing!!! You truly set the standard for what a great post on this blog should be like. You're a great student. Keep up the excellent work!

Mr M.

10:05 PM  

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