Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blogging Returns!

Wow, blogging returns. I can't say that this is my first time blogger, but I am not an expert either. So this is going to be my post.

Today, in class, We were taught how to make a password form to protect all your work for HACKERS. Inorder to make a password form, you need to have constants. Constants are like variables. They are for declearing things.

For the resting of the class, We worked on our projects. Ten minutes after the bell, Mr. Malandrakis stopped us. The project was finished. Then, we were given a challenge. A challenge to display a message after the wrong password was entered three times.

I hope every is satisfied with there projects. The next scribe is...... *Paulo* (Consumer Boy). J/K Pre-Cal is only recommended for Computer Science.


Anonymous Taishan-guy said...


i dont really get this password thing can u explain this more for me thanks man,
not who you think it is.
is not me.


7:06 PM  
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