Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Pretty much the entire class today was actually just a work period so not much new happened today. In the class the new practice program that we're working on is titled "Sort'Em Out" the whole point of the program is to have three list boxes and a command button. When pressed an input bow will appear for the user to enter any words which start with the letters a, b, or c. The letters are then entered into the boxes one for a's, another for b's and the last for c's, also like the last class where we learned how letters are organized, the lowercase letters should be before the uppercase letters. Lastly there should also be a password screen the is NOT case-sensitive. I think that's all there is but I could be wrong.

Next scribe for the class will be Margaret.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Whoops. The late scribe.

Well, I forgot I had to do this. Whoops. Supposedly this is a really important class. Lucky me!
Well I have short-term memory so I'm probably going to miss something, or get something wrong. Just write a comment to correct me.

Today's Class was about:

First, we were taught that visual basic sorts through strings in alphabetical order. We started of with a new program where we made 2 text boxes. When you enter 2 words, you can "compare" them. With our compare button, we made it so that when you put two words. It can tell you which word is greater than the other. For example, if you entered "apple" and "banana" The program would say something like " Word 2 is greater than Word 1." During this part, we also learned a new code, ElseIf. It was used to continue adding more if statements.

Another thing we did was joining words. When we clicked the button, it is supposed to take the first word you wrote, and the second word you wrote, and put them together into a label. We have the experience to be able to put a variable into message boxes and labels, but we couldn't make it say for example, "Hello "(insert name here) The important thing we learned here is the use of the ampersand, or if you don't know what that is, the "&" symbol. Using the ampersand, you can join strings together. For example the code is "Hello " & (variable). So you can keep adding strings together with the ampersand. You also have to remember to add the correct spaces so that it doesn't look weird.

Alright, another thing we learned is how to find the length of a string. It's used to find out how many letters are inside of the string. It's not a very hard code, it's fairly simple. All you have to do is type Len() with the string you want to find the length to, inside the brackets. What it did was that when we clicked the button, the program would tell you how many letters are in the first word, and how many letters are in the second word. It was all done in one line, so we used the ampersand again.

We also learned about uppercase and lowercase letters. When a person types the 2 words, and presses the lower case button. It's supposed to make whatever they wrote, all lower case. If they click the uppercase button, it will put whatever they wrote in all capitals. All you have to do is use the code
LCase() for lowercase, and UCase() , for uppercase.

We were given a few minutes, to make our DMCI projects password protected. We were supposed to make it so that even if they typed the password in lowercase, it would still be correct.

I think that's about it. It's late, I'm tired.
So the next Scribe is


Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey I'm Just Scribing

Today in our Computer Science class We first got work and finish our practice program . The Credit Card . That assignment I think was pretty hard for me since I'm not good at the making of Functions and thinking about how the balance + trans = blah to work 100% yet . This assignment did help me and I think others to be able to get used to using functions . Yeah thats about all I have to say .

I'm not exactly The best speller or anything so any mistakes I made is a opps in advance Lets see what the next scribe will say . I choose you ..........

Robeson I guess

The "Chosen 6" for Open House

Hey folks, I'm sorry I forgot to mention the six who's assignents were chosen to be on a laptop at "Open House" last night. They are:

  • Graeme
  • Andrew
  • Scott
  • Jan
  • Thang
  • Jason

Good job you guys, and mostly everyone else on a job well done. Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm sorry if this is kinda late, but better late than never...

This class we did a class lesson. We used fuctions again in this program and constants again. The one thing we learned that was new Modulus. Modulus is a math function. It has something to do with the remainds you may get when you divide. This was used to find whether the number was odd or even. Even numbers have no remainders and odd numbers have a number of one.

Mr. M we should get use to using functions and constants becaues we will be using them in all our future programs

Half way throughout he class we were given an practice program to do with a partner. We are to make a program that simulates a credit card. The balance starts the at $0.00. When you put in a postitive number it adds the to the balance and a negative subtracts from the balance. When the balance gets over $5000.00 a message should appear saying what happened and close the program. This program is suppose to use functions and constansts a lot.

Mr. M told us that the the project woul be easy expect for one part. I didn't get what he said so im sorry about that.
Oh and we only have this half of tomorrows class to finish it.

I'm sorry if i messed anything up or missed anything.

The next scribe is.....


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

HELP!!!! Help me out here people! (nothing to do with CS)

Classmates and help me by:
trying not to make the font too small to see.
try not to use italic, hurts the eyes.
try not to use a color that hurts the eyes.

that's all I can think of right now, just idea, don't need to do it if you don't want to.
I was checking on Mr M's PC blog and most of the post are killing me because the fonts are so small and the template is dark color!!. +++++ some post are italic + small (double trouble) LOL 8:(

or I think is just me, Later.
no offense about your blog Mr M just suggestion.

Cheers 8:)
Jan Hong

Blogging Returns!

Wow, blogging returns. I can't say that this is my first time blogger, but I am not an expert either. So this is going to be my post.

Today, in class, We were taught how to make a password form to protect all your work for HACKERS. Inorder to make a password form, you need to have constants. Constants are like variables. They are for declearing things.

For the resting of the class, We worked on our projects. Ten minutes after the bell, Mr. Malandrakis stopped us. The project was finished. Then, we were given a challenge. A challenge to display a message after the wrong password was entered three times.

I hope every is satisfied with there projects. The next scribe is...... *Paulo* (Consumer Boy). J/K Pre-Cal is only recommended for Computer Science.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Special Scribe

This is the first time i'm doing a post as scribe, and probably the hardest. If there's any grammer, spelling, errors! ( Don't laugh). I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to write alot, so i'll make my post as short as possible.

Today during the first half of the class, we did a lesson on motions and timers. We talked about how to make an image move by itself and stop by itself determine how long you wanted it to be. I would like to write the code down so that everyone can see it, but I forgot when i came home.

During the second half of the class, we get to work on the (advertisement of DMCI) which is for the open house. Today was the second last day we get to work on it. Tomorrow will be the last day we can work on the assignment.

I hope everyone finish their project by tomorrow.

Well I guess thats all i'm going to say.....

The next scribe will be.......................................

Thang Dawg

Monday, February 20, 2006


This is probablly the easiest post I'll ever have to write as the scribe. And maybe the shortest. I'll try and make this long.

Well today we just worked on our projects (Advertising DMCI) for the whole class which will be presented at the open house next thursday. That is, if our ads are good enough. We took a vote on which we prefered. If we wanted to have the lesson for half of the class today and work on our projects tomorrow all period, OR, have today's period to just work on our projects and do the lesson tomorrow. So we just worked today.

Our Computer Science class isn't going to be open tomorrow at lunch. So, if you were planning to work on it during lunch hour .. you can't.

Since that's the case, I just e-mailed my project to myself and plan on trying to finish it up using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. It's pretty different from the program we use at school. Quite confusing, with all the new things they added in this version. But I'll give it a shot.

So I guess that's all.

Next Scribe's going to be....


Friday, February 17, 2006


This is the first ever post I've done as a scribe. Well to recap what we did in the last couple of weeks is that we had lessons or I should say INTRODUCTIONS to VISUAL BASIC learning some of the simple codes there is that we can learn. Examples of these introductions are message boxes, input boxes, variables, math & timers, labels, etc. etc. After all that we also were taught how to use a blog, well for others just a review. After all these introductions we worked on our Practice Personal Program (P.P.P.) which took 2-3.5 classes and then worked on our FIRST ASSIGNMENT which is being graded. The P.P.P. is just a program to advertise ourself and what our interests and profiles are about us, and the assignment is an advertisement for DANIEL McINTYRE COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE for the open house next Thursday.

Today's lesson was about FUNCTIONS or PROCEDURES. Before learning about functions, we had a practice program which Mr. Malandrakis had us do. This program wanted us to have an input box show up asking us to insert an integer either positive or negative and a message box popping up indicating the type of number it is. This program was like a "review" for us, but I was practically lost because I mostly forgot some of the codes =/. Oh well.. In the next weeks coming up I'll probably remember most codes for VB. Well the program Mr. M. wanted us to work on first before learning about functions was the actual lesson about functions. What today's lesson on functions was telling us about was that Functions is a way of keeping our codes "organized" so it wouldn't looked so cluttered together, or crunched up like forms with no spaces indicating neatness. The point of the function is to take the block of code and using just a 3 word sentence for example "CheckForPos" will keep it organized in the click event instead of having the code there.. or is it the other way around.. I'm not so sure.. but if you understand what I'm trying to say then give yourself a pat on the back and remind me to bring cookies for you guys all right?? Mr. Malandrakis even said that Functions are not required to be used in the DMCI AD ASSIGNMENT, but it'll be good use for practice, and that it'll be required in the next coming assignments.

After the lesson we were given time to work on our assignment. Just a reminder to you guys that we will have time to work on it half the class after Mr. M teaches us a new lesson. There's also the lunch hours to work on them too. Well my assignment's all plain and simple pretty much. I'm still thinking on how to make it look a lot nicer than it looks now. I've already recapped what the assignment's about so there is no need to write it all again.

As for the VB that GraemeW. showed us on the link he gave us. The Microsoft VB 2005 is pretty much difficult to use than the one we use at school. It's like a complex version of it that I think personally professionals use in their spare time. But I'll probably get the hang of it after I use it a couple of more times.

This concludes my FIRST scribe, and to end it off, I would like to end it with a question.... How do you send your VB assignments/projects/programs to yourself? I tried and it didn't work.

Thank you for reading my POST. It's going to be difficult to find out who the next scribe is.. does it really have to be my choise?? and if it is.. I choose..............

Mary Ann

Scott Soriano thanks you guys for choosing me as the scribe for the weekend. =) I had fun.. Can I be the scribe again??


Sorry for the late delay, I was at church band practice and I just got home at 8:45. I won't be able to write a POST until later at midnight because I'll be heading to my mom's place soon. So don't you worry for those who are awaiting a post, I will be back soon. THANK YOU!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Just having fun blogging

Today we got the First project and now I'm thinking I'll have to stay during lunch to work on it . For this assignment I'm still thinking about what I should do for it . This maybe a challenge but I still like this class . I just finished downloading that visual basic thing and after school is done during the summer . I will make a program on my free time because I find the programing part the fun part Thinking about ideas is the hard part . Until tommorow .

Info on VB

I just got Visual Basic 2005 - Expression Edition (Visual Basic). Like Graham had said you can download it from: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/vb/default.aspx.

Personally, I think it's much more difficult to use than the older version, Visual Basic 6.0.

Scribes Scribbles

Well once again scribing... Thought I would get a break for a semester from this... Alright, enough with my ranting, onto the topic of computer science. So today was the last day in class that we had time to work on our practice program. According to Mr. Malandrakis' praise of our programs during the class I think we all did fairly well. So halfway through the class he told us to stop whatever we're doing and pay attention, and our first assignment was assigned.

The program that we have to make is an ad for DMCI. Those teachers are always thinking, why pay a company to make your ads when you got 1000 slaves... I mean students.... at your disposal. I'm just joking... It seems like a fun assignment, lots of FREEDOM to do as you wish. For this assignment you have to make DMCI look as fabulous as humanly possible (not too hard a feat). One of the main points that Mr. Malandrakis stressed was that these programs should be heavily interactive. You always gotta give the person something to do. Something to click, watch play & all that jazz. Another thing is that you have to assume that the person using your program is fairly computer illiterate so that the program will be usable by any and everybody. A couple other tidbits is that you may want to employ a brilliant color scheme and/or use large legible fonts. The layout of all those attributes is completely up to you.

He then continued to give out the rubric for the assigment (well not give it out, you know what I mean.) You get five marks for naming every single little object in your form including your form with a proper name with the proper prefix.
eg. frm, img, tmr etc.
The next tidbit is to make the form organized, not cluttered otherwise that's fairly self explanatory, worth another 5 marks.
Next is neat code. Basically indent your if statements. 3 marks.
Next is variables. You gotta have atleast one in this program. But there should be more. 5 marks.
Then there is commenting.... think that might be the bane of me. YOU MUST COMMENT ON EVERY SINGLE THING THAT MIGHT POSSIBLY NEED EXPLAINING. But several lines of code can be explained by a single comment. Our pages should be flooded with green. This is worth another 5 marks.
Then there is the actual advertising of DMCI. This has to make the school look GOOD. Since that is the main essense of the project it is worth a hefty 10 marks.
After that is the use of all the topics we have covered so far. So use everything that we have in our repitoire of code. Worth 8 marks.
Then there is a couple of marks for the implementing of a game into your program somewhere.
Lastly there is the creativity and originality worth 7 marks. Make it interesting people. You don't want people thinking that DMCI is a boring school.
That all is for a grand total of 50 marks and is due WED, MAR.22 / 06 (end of class). He stressed that this is like any other assignment in any other class and will be marked at the time it is due... no time for some extra tweaking.

On another note... I have found a visual studio thing that is very similar to what we are using. It just looks like an updated version and it's FREE from Microsoft. It seems to need a fairly good computer because mine can't really handle it... but my computer can barely boot up so... It is a 70 something MB download without any extra stuff and with the extra stuff it's about 425 MB.
Unfortunately there is a small hitch... you have to register... It's not that bad a registration the only thing that i was hesitant to give out was my postal code (didn't see why they would need it, so I'm expecting so junk mail from Microsoft.) Well if you want it the site with all the info is http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/default.aspx and the download is on the right side. So enjoy... use it well...

Lastly I have to say in the words of Mr. Kuropatwa "This room is not your only audience. The WORLD is your audience." Well it went on longer then that but the jist of it was make your posts understandable to every person that will come here and make it look neat and good because your posts are a reflection of yourself and our school online. So if there's any errors in this just tell me and I'll get them fixed. (Oh and one more last thing Mr.Malandrakis is there a way we can make applets out of our code so we can show the code then show what it does for real instead of just telling of what it does?)

The next scribe is.....


Scott! (made at www.graffiticreator.net)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This class fun ... at least for now

The pratice program we are doing is pretty fun . I made my program a sort of game just because its fun . I think I will do the 11 and 12 thing next year . It's better than taking grade 11 and 12 french next year because I dislike taking french all year . ... I'm done.

iNdrew reporting for duty!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I am honoured to be the very first scribe for this class (c! So lets' start this out with a bang (hopefully). This will seem boring to read so please bear with me. First we have spent the couple of days working on our projects which is our "personal profile program" (PPP). Our project is due shortly which is tomorrow, but we will have have .5 of the period to complete it, so dont panic. It really isnt due, due. I recommend if you dont posess a copy of visual basic at home to use the lunch period wisely.

Some options you have are:

1) You can go to the room (1) and work on it on your lunch periods so you can stay ahead of the game/ work on it.
2) Another alternative way is that you have Visual basic at home and send the form home and work on there.

The basic characteristics of the "personal profile program" is to take all of the things we learned in class and transform and model a program that is or similar to a profile of you. Today was a easy going class, the class sped and ended so fast that some people lost track of time, but all in all it was a pretty fast class maybe because we had little to no inturruptions and we were putting so much effort and so in to the program. Todays class felt that it was maybe half of the regular period since it went so fast. Anyway...

Mr. Malandrakis was supervising and giving everyone support and detailed hints on what they wanted to do. He almost helped everyone in the class which is great can we give him a thanks ? (Yeap!)

The radio was on in the background which also contributed to the speed of how fast things went, it sets the mood! Music has been proved to help some people work better and digest food better my listening to some sort of music while doing the specific action. Keep that in mind...

Some stuff we learned in the class we should integrate into our project are: Text boxes, labels, command buttons, list boxes, image boxes, picture boxes, input boxes, message boxes, timers.

Properties: Captions, text, tool tip text, visible, stretch, backcolor, if statements end statements, frames, option buttons, using multiple forms.

Basically the program advertises you and should be like your resume. Here is an idea make the program and print it out and use it as your resume :P.

Other info: Mr. Malandrakis also spoke of computer science in the class, he was saying how computer science will be this semester, next semester for grade 11, and the following semester will be grader 12, so by the time your in grade 12 you will be able to get the ap program done and if you get a good gpa on computer science you are elligible to get the university 1 credit done to! that saves alot approximately 500$ just as much as taking me out to a rich cuisine. Which option would you like to chose? That is most obvious :P. That is soon to come some fyi's for people staying in computer science.

So far my project is coming along slowly as i have not plan what to do, making an outline deems useful in many ways so you do not waste time comtemplating and wasting valuable time to think of what to do. A general outline is useful. I almost have finished integrating all the stuff we learned and might leave out some as it might not fit. So far i have included the basic buttons, images, options, labels.

This is a new language to many so remember if you get frustrated with it just go eat some ice creame and make yourself feel better but quitting is not an option it is reserved for those who do not want to learn. Visual basic does get pretty boring and frustrating to those who is going to still take it mad props to you. You're not the first to quit, and you won't be the last. Computer science seems more comprehendable than math!

Drop me a comment to say how boring this post was, i'll be looking forward to them!

Right now im testing other cool stuff on visual basic, can we include some other stuff that we did not learn in class onto the personal profile program?

That is the end of my story, nothing really else to elaborate on so i will conclude this by saying that the next scribe is GraemeW.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What i think

A week have gone passed in CS and this is the second course that drives me crazy. Number one and will always be number one is math, and now a new subject hads appear in second place and it is COMPUTER SCIENCE. This course is hard because is not like in web design and just put in whatever I want to put in dreamweaver and post it on the web and that it, will done or html 2, 3 pages of html tags to copy of from and put it in the note pad. CS is notthing like that, we have to think about it that we are the master or boss of that computer, and then whatever we want it to do we would just tell the computer and then he will do it unless you have a pink computer then she will do it. We have to also think of what kind of commands to give him or else he wont do it. Before i have this course, i always think that the computer is telling me what to do because like the research we do and the stuff we learn from it we will prabally do it, but really if we think about it we are telling the computer what to do, will just tell it to find us info like "Hey computer go find me some information for my school project" and he will go do it. Any way, lets just continou, i dont think you know what iam talking about anyways, so ya this course is hard. Also that guy Mr.M tell us that we would need to show are works in assinments and tests and i just though that he have a little too much math (crazy), how on earth are we going to show our work for Computer science like game designs? (dont answer it i already know the answer).
I hope that later on in this course I will have a better leadership over the computer.
Good bye for now,

I hope that I will be the last to scribe
I hope that my computer will lisson better
I hope that we get better computer for the CS room
I hope that I will never have to blog for school again
I hope that the final exams is easy

sry for the bad spelling and grammer, it is the computer that was making the errors, not me, no, never me. anything say about the teacher is also made by the computer.


Thoughts and Question

Well today we worked on our Practice Personality Program and I'm pretty much getting the hang of the codes, and visual basic, with a little bit of difficulties here and there. Regarding the PPP, I came up with a question that came up in my mind while I was chasing the bus at Polo Park today. My question is if it is possible to have like a wallpaper or background on the form instead of having a Solid Plain colour as a layout? Hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday I'll be able to finish my PPP and make it look cool, and that shows a little bit about my personality.

Monday, February 13, 2006

My thoughts

Today in class we are now starting our first practice program . This one seems easy enough but I need to think of more ways to put more of what we learnt all last week into it .

Does anybody know how to fix the opition button problem ??

Friday, February 10, 2006

today's lesson math&timer

Today's lesson about math and timer. It was going smoothly, but when Mr. Malandrakis started on the Enlarge picture thing, thats when i got lost. Could someone explain it to me?


Hey guys, great posts on your thoughts. Next week once everyone is more comfortable we'll get some really good stuff on all the topics up here. For now if you're having trouble check out the two links to tutorials on the side. They will probably answer some of your questions and hopefully help you out a bit.

My thoughts.

I'm happy to say that I've gotten the hang of this computer science stuff, a little. I do have trouble remembering some things though, so I'd have to agree to what andrew said in the previous post. It would be nice to have some codes posted up just as a little reminder for all of us. Hopefully in my next post I'll be able to contribute some codes once I get a good understanding of it all.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


So far in the class everything is going smoothly, except right after the class I forget some of the stuff that we did in the class. Sigh..., maybe if someone posted some of the stuff we did, no one would forget, even though we have the tut, if someone just put put the code up we can use the blog as a quick reference!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Early Thoughts

Well after two days of sitting through the class it didn't seem too hard considering what other people say about it but I sure that is going to change shortly after about a week or two. Other then that I really don't have any other thoughts on Computer Science as we've only had about 3 days of it.

just a test

blah blah blah

Monday, February 06, 2006

Intro to VB

So today we got our first taste of Visual Basic and a small taste of some of the things that we can do with it. You got your first glimpse at some of the absolute basic building blocks of a program: labels, command buttons, text boxes, and of course your first look at some code. What do we think so far? Easy? Hard? Not sure? Remember look at the post below this one, "Mission POSSIBLE", your understanding of this will take some time and patience. Stick with it, work hard and you'll be able to reach the sky sooner than you think.

Make a POST, not a comment, on your thoughts on what you've seen so far.